Business Office:

Crush-It, Inc.

P.O. Box 1210

Osprey, FL 34229


Mobile Crushing Prices:

John Wohlwend


Recycle Facilities & Rock Sales:

Andrew Fernandez

813.951.6667 Cell


Our experienced crews mobilize to your asphalt plant producing the highest quality RAP.  We understand the importance of attaining the most consistant possible product at the right gradation for mix designs. Crush-It employees manage the rubble and/or milling piles to specification and maximize the stockpiling space for finished product. Our high levels of production ensure the continued productivity and efficiency of the plant.  We are capable of a single size or fractionated product.  


Crush-It recycles concrete on varied job sites including military bases, airports, landfills, demolition projects, ready-mix plants, and aggregate recycle yards.  We have the ability to process material to a crusher-ready size and recycle to many different gradation specifications. Finished product can be used in a variety of applications including as a base, fill or stabalizing aggregate.  We will help you turn your rubble asset pile into a usable product for re-use or sale.


Our goal is be the solution to your recycling needs.  Our company owned equipment includes powerful excavators, thick concrete breakers, denisfyer attachments, off road trucks, on road trucks, transfer and power stackers that can help overcome any obstacle to completing a job.  We excavate runways, parking lots and highways.  Our crews find ways to make limited space and complicated jobs work for you.